Why your team will never use task management software

Listen, you have a great team, they are just all over the place, and you spend your meeting times with “I never got that mail” type of excuses.
Yes task management is for you, and below are the many reasons I got over the years of running Team.Do on why it will not work for you. Ready?

Let’s go!

You have delicate snowflakes.

No one “gets them” they are unique and special in every way and no software is going to define their process. Also process is a bad word, and also work is a no-no according to their Helicopter Mom. If it doesn’t fulfil them both in a spiritual and a life-goal sense (while maintaining a work-life balance) they won’t use it (why poison their creativity fountain)

You have village elders –these self starters have been around the block more times than you’ve been around whatsapp. You’re gonna tell them what to do? They shit bigger than you (and also remember the line from city slickers back in the 90’s –or was it 80’s –that’s how old I am…)

You have Over clockers: They wake up at 05:00am after a mindful meditation, a colon cleanse, a green slow squeezed juice, and a freezing ten second shower. Dan Arieli told them that their best work happens 45 minutes after they woke up so why bother with task management? They have a busy day looking up what depressed Indian honor roll students write on Quora on their 15 minute work intervals.

People who say

“It doesn’t integrate with slack.” Yes nothing is perfect and yes it fucking does not integrate with your favorite thing in the world. Nothing ever does. Remember when you were writing tasks on sticky notes which keeps getting lost? We’re at “getting past that” buddy.

“I work for it and it doesn’t work for me” As a representative of and On behalf of all software everywhere let me apologize that your experience is flawed. Soon the big G will fix up that AI of ours and then Skynet, Nukes, Terminator 1-3 and you know the rest.

Thank you all for listening to the rant of a frustrated task management startup founder.

Please feel free to send me more of your examples to amir@teamdoapp.com

I promise to update the list.

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