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“A user-friendly system that helps monitor our organization’s tasks. The tools serve our organization and have helped us to build a quality workflow system. We can’t thank enough for the quality support, from implementation to execution.”
Arkia – Airlines
“We recommend Team.Do for tracking business tasks. The system makes delegating daily tasks and monitoring progress hassle-free. The ability to connect from anywhere and make modifications without additional software only makes the process easier.”
Burgus Burger Bar – Restaurants and Catering
“We have used the system for several years to monitor our factory production lines and manage a number of teams, allowing us to maintain synchronization between our employees. The interface is very friendly and requires no prior training.”
Blades Technology Limited (BTL) – Manufacturing
We have used the system to manage teams since 2012. We were able to easily integrate dozens of employees and keep them up to date using email alerts and synchronizing them with Google and Outlook Calendars.”
Pitchon Lev - Nonprofit Organization
“Team.Do is an intuitive tool for real-time collaboration that has allowed us to reorganize our communication structure. We can implement effective monitoring of current tasks without spending unnecessary time in meetings.”
Galei Hadar - Club
“The easy to use interface allows us to easily track ongoing work in simple calendar and task displays with email alerts. This tool is recommended for any team seeking synchronization between employees. ”
Herman Zemel Projects LTD - Construction Projects

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